Waste management planning is a crucial aspect of any form of construction and demolition project. We consult with clients to achieve the best possible outcome with minimal environmental impact and in the most cost effective way.

At GT Skips, we have a huge variety of skip lift bins and hook lift bins available, ranging from our 1.5m3 to 35m3 bins. We also have a wide selection of our custom designed skip bins that are certified for lifting by crane. These types of bins are perfect for larger scale multi-level projects, at both a commercial and industrial level. GT Skips assures all clients who intend on using cranes to move our bins around their site premises, that lifting certificates are checked regularly and are always up-to-date. Certificates and tagging are performed by Crane Bin Solutions – Industry leaders in mechanical testing and compliance.

We have an expansive range of trucks and all our drivers are experts in placing skip bins in a variety of locations, even the most challenging of spaces.

We provide clients with customised Recycle Reports for all waste collected from any given site, upon request. These extensive reports outline the percentage of various waste materials collected and sorted from a job site. It shows the percentage of recyclable materials to assist with all your environmental requirements.

We have available our 30-day EOM Commercial Credit Applications for clients who wish to set up an account with us, provided they meet the criteria. We can also arrange a meeting at your convenience to discuss any queries you may have and answer all your questions in relation to your project’s waste management requirements. Contact our office on 1800 GTSKIPS or (03) 9111 1743 and speak with our friendly staff, they will be able to assist you.